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Tha most gangsta you can get, Locc, Locc 2 tha brain, Locc'd out nigga, GBC are Loccs, (Garden Blocc Crips), EBK are Loccs (East Blood Killas), BROTHA LYNCH HUNG, MISTA DOC, SICX, DOOMSDAY PRODUCTIONS, X-RAIDED, EKLYPSE, All are Loccs.
Locc 2 tha brain, insane, everyday all day its EBK, where niggaz load them straps, cuz the rivals on their way.
by CryBabyLocc187 February 24, 2005
408 144
high ranking member of the crip gang similar to o.g.
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
279 157
A savage motherfucker that will kill you daddy and go fucking with your mommy, see Brotha lynch
Jesus, that fucking locc just capped 10 cops then fucked their dead bodies, what a savage
by BayAreaSavage December 12, 2003
174 109
black sun glasses eazy-e use to wear b fo' he died
Stompin on the 'Eazy'est streets that you can walk onSo strap on your Compton hat, your locs...dr.dre lyrics
by big_boy June 21, 2005
37 14
"Locc to the brain insane all day every day it' E-B-K"

"Locc to the brain set-trippin"
by hi-c September 15, 2003
82 76
big black gangsta glasses
that gangsta wearing them loccs
by ROBERTINO DENNIS February 03, 2005
18 16
a crazy ass muthafucka
locc is a crazy ass muthafucka
by el_pirate November 28, 2003
67 76