Dark sunglasses, as worn by Compton gangsters. 400% UV protection, popularized by Eazy-E.
So grab your Compton hats, your locs because you might get smoked, loc.
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
low cost sunglasses that have really dark lens's and are found mostly in so cal
bro 1: yo bro were did you get those locs

bro 2: at the bargen mart down the street, they were only 5$

bro 1: dam thats some low cost sunglasses
by SCHASSS July 10, 2009
one of the last parts of the gangsta uniform that hasnt been destroyed by mainstream rappers, wiggers, or chongas, like white t's. they are worn by all gangstas. from ese's, bloods, crips, to the aryan brotherhood. they are usually black and plastic, (but the white boys have colored lenses sometimes), and the top is straight, and they're kind of square.

made popular by real gangsta rappers, like eazy e, bg knocc out, brotha lynch, and bone thugs. you would have never caught them in pink sunglasses lookin like a homo (cough cough TI).

unless you live on the west coast, or cities like phoenix, where their sold in korean stores, they're kind of hard to find. you might have to order them.

look at those bitches with aviators on, clamin crip. lets go ride on those false flaggin niggas.

those were not locs lil wayne had on, he needs to shut the fuck up.
by the sawed off gangsta October 29, 2006
laughing out of courtesy.
You buy a new Ford Mustang. After you have sent a picture of it to your brother in law at his request, he texts to you, "looks like we're gonna have to change your nickname to mustang sally". You text back the acronym "LOC". After a moment you should end up with a question mark from him indicating that he doesn't understand. You now have the opportunity to elaborate, "laughing out of courtesy...because that's all anyone ever does at your stupid jokes."

If someone's sarcasm or snarkiness doesn't actually make you LOL...use LOC.
by daddy chunky gunz November 01, 2014
matted coils of hair; also called "dreadlocks", "locks", or "dreads"; rhymes with clock.
It took 2 months for my comb twists to turn into locs.

My locs are not dreadful, thank you.

I have 1 more loc to twist and then I'll put you under the dryer.
by bone chicka wow wow January 10, 2011
shades worn by cholos Eazy E jus copied the look from the eses wearing pendelton and dickies
creased down looking clean sportin nikes and my locs
by ese kora April 27, 2008
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