This is where one person takes a shit, holds it as it's about halfway out so it hangs there, then dips it in butter while someone else sucks on it.
Have you ever been Lobster Tailed?
by Dufflebag June 02, 2011
Top Definition
Related to the shocker. Cross your index and middle finger together then your ring and pinky fingers. Sink that into both holes of your chick.
Makr gave Laura got the lobster tail last night and now his fingers are all twisted.
by Adam March 24, 2005
A sex act in which one person partially squeezes poop out and then dips it in butter and the second person sucks on it.
"Dude, that lobster-tail tasted like shit."

"That's the point."
by Not James. May 03, 2009
Getting head for a constant hour. The cock emerges having a striking resemblence to a lobster tail.
Damn girl, you gave me one hellacious lobster tail. (girl) "YES!!!"
by Biano March 31, 2003
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