Originating in the state of Maine, a term used to describe 'four in the stink' and 'one in the pink'. A variation of the 'shocker' and the 'beatle clip'.
When she woke up in the morning, it felt as though a crustacean had eaten her asshole, but in reality her boyfriend had given her the ole lobster claw the night before.
by R Brown May 17, 2006
The act of grasping a girls ass and pussy at the same time. Your thumb is on her ass and the remaining fingers are on her pussy.
I met this girl at a club and when she turned to get a drink I gave her the Lobster Claw. Instead of getting a drink, she pulled me into the bathroom where I not only Lobster Clawed her somemore, but did it with her pants off.
by the wrEcKless 1 January 04, 2011
A very skinny, bony person with red skin due to lack of pigment.
Alli is a Lobster Claw!
by Doug Estey June 27, 2006
an act of digital-anal sex in which 1 finger is inserted in the vagina, and 4 are inserted in the anus. This resembles the claw of a common red lobster.
"She was so slutty that I pulled off the Lobter Claw on her."
by Captain McCallister March 05, 2005
Derived from the ancient Greek practice of male on male fellatio with one small catch (or pinch); the male giving the fellatio must reach around the asshole and gently (or violently depending on the mood) insert hand/instrument (lobster claw) into anal cavity.Usually results in 3-4 hours of heavy bleeding from the anus.
After giving Lizzy a Rusty Piccolo I proceeded to give Jim a Lobster Claw until he bled to death.
by Gabe Pham September 30, 2007
When you pound a girls pussy so hard that it sweels up and hold onto your dick.
I had to get my dick amputated cuz that drunk bitch lobster clawed me.
by hanssel April 24, 2007
Male cameltoe, caused by wearing pants that are too tight.
Scott's pants are so tight you can see his lobster claw.
by smackjer December 02, 2005
The claw of a lobster
That lobster claw is huge!
by the wicked one August 06, 2005

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