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A sexual act similar to the shocker, in which the thumb is inserted in the vaginal opening and the remaining 4 fingers are inserted in the anus. The position of the hand resembles the large claw of a common lobster.
'She was so slutty, I pulled off the lobster claw! Her asshole was that loose.'
by Professor Murder March 10, 2005
similar to the shocker
put your thumb in her ass and the other four fingers in her vagina. looks like a lobster claw. refered to as a robster craw when performed on an asian broad.
by greg March 21, 2005
The act of sticking the index and pointer fingers in a woman's vagina while placing the thumb in the anus and clamping together, as to resemble a lobster's claw.
"Why can't Sally walk strait?"

"I just gave her the lobster claw."
by markadillicus January 30, 2005
The lobsterclaw is a maneuver in which the recipient is usually distracted in a bent-over position, leaving them exposed for said action. The giver of the lobsterclaw recognizes this opportunity to capitalize, and morphs their hand into the lobsterclaw itself, which is the middle and ring fingers pressed together, while the thumb roams free, resembling a lobsterclaw. The timing, brute force, and placement of the grab is what makes or breaks the lobsterclaw. Ideally, the grab is placed on the recipients taint, causing great discomfort and fright. The pressure involved is up to the giver, resulting in a direct relationship of pressure to satisfaction.
"HA! Ian totally lobsterclawed the shit out of Robert, he wasn't even expecting it."

"That lobsterclaw was EPIC bro."

"Yeah man, he was just asking for the lobsterclaw."
by consummate man of action September 19, 2006
A sexual move where a person inserts four fingers into the vagina leaving the thumb out to play with the clit. Make hand motions as a lobster would.
I traveled to acadia national park looking for some great east coast lobster. I met a local dock hand, that gave me a real lobster claw.
by stokesdawgkillah October 09, 2011
Originating in the state of Maine, a term used to describe 'four in the stink' and 'one in the pink'. A variation of the 'shocker' and the 'beatle clip'.
When she woke up in the morning, it felt as though a crustacean had eaten her asshole, but in reality her boyfriend had given her the ole lobster claw the night before.
by R Brown May 17, 2006
The act of grasping a girls ass and pussy at the same time. Your thumb is on her ass and the remaining fingers are on her pussy.
I met this girl at a club and when she turned to get a drink I gave her the Lobster Claw. Instead of getting a drink, she pulled me into the bathroom where I not only Lobster Clawed her somemore, but did it with her pants off.
by the wrEcKless 1 January 04, 2011
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