really ugly red haired people
guy looking at a redhead girl/boy: "look at that lobster"
by jjatlw April 17, 2007
The act of placing baby lobster into your vagina for sexual pleasure. The lobsters then plant their eggs in the uterus, and the eggs hatch. Removal of the lobsters is extremely difficult and painful.
Kyle played with seafood a little bit too often, and next thing you know, he got lobsters in his vaginal cheese.
by Kyle McFelch December 05, 2003
When a man is performing oral sex on a email while simultaneously pinching her nipples. Immitating the gestures of a lobster.
Dude, I pulled the lobster on her and she loved it.
by The Lobster February 14, 2015
A person who is currently single and has let to be in a serious relationship; forever a loner.
-You *still* don't have a girlfriend?
-Yeah, I'm such a lobster
by Ijamma1948 November 05, 2014

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