to grab something
Hey bra, can you lobster me that beer?
by Timmy Dubs August 06, 2008
A dual 'Shocker'. Good for threesomes (2 girls one guy) or for streching a girl's anus and/or vagina.
"CHOPPA CHOPPA! I busted out the lobster on those two girls last night!"
by Beniworld September 06, 2006
sea creatures that chase me from the bathroom.
if you hear faint clicking of lobsters as you leave your bathroom RUN!
by FauxHawk July 24, 2006
to pee in someones mouth
dayummnn, you just been lobstered.
by sheldon crubblefrump June 01, 2005
The goofy people that hang out in your dorm lobby all day long. Usually smell bad because they don't shower and are proud of that fact. They hog the big screen TV to watch the Star Trek Marathon or Rocky Horror picture show with the sound turned off as they read the script they wrote for it. They sit there for hours playing board games like Dungeons & Dragons or Magic the gathering or some other goofy crap while wearing fairy costumes. They may not even belong to your dorm but take it over anyway and join forces with the dorks that do live in your dorm. They just sit there like idiots as you pelt them with snow balls, super soakers, and rocks. Even after you force them out, the smell is still there. Typically they are CS and chemistry majors.
We had planned to watch the football game on the big screen in our lobby but we don't have time to run all the damn lobsters out and clear the air before it starts.
by Sceadu October 17, 2006
when a person has genital warts
yeah i swear that girl i met last night was a lobster
by Rebekha Claydon March 26, 2008
New advanced form of crabs usually emerging from the anus.
Yo man that hooker gave me lobster last nite.
by limit4 July 02, 2006

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