n. Horrible-looking multi-clawed crustacean prized as food by maritimers unable to access adequate supplies of beef.
By geeze there Billy. I could really go for some lobster claw soup just now, by here, eh, Billy me boy? Think I'll quay the dory and tie on a bib? How's by you?

Are you coming on to me?
by Lobsterbeybuoy January 07, 2013
A lobster is a term commonly used to describe old people who do nothing but sit on the beach all day, which over time, turns them a painful, lobster-like shade of red.
"Yo, Fred! Check out those lobsters cooking themselves on the beach over there!"

"Whenever I go to a hot place, the beaches are usually full of lobsters... It makes me want to avoid the beach."
by anonymouspersons inc. July 10, 2012
The itch you get from an expensive whore.
Man: "Damn bitch! You got crabs or somethin'!?"
Whore: "You think I'm that cheap!? Nah, it's lobster"
by OffendedByTheFrosting! July 26, 2009
A form of Lice that is contracted by having sex with an expensive prostitute.
George: Dude, my pubes are fuckin' itching so badly.
Andy: But really?! That hooker you had sex with last night probably gave you crabs.
George: Na hell nah, fuck that. That whore was expensive.
Andy: Oh yea. That kind of money gets you lobsters.
by hotstreak864 April 06, 2009
A cute skinny girl with an abnormally large and out of proportion rear end. She is petite everywhere else except for her large attractive ass. Often pronounced "Lobstah" in new england areas.
Juan: Aww man you see that lobstah over there.

Gregg: That cute girl with the big ass?

Juan: Yeah she's a lobster. All her meat is in her tail.
by Gjack007 May 22, 2009
unbearable crabs of the ass
God, my lobsters are itching like a midet in a floppy vagina
by weiner_cream May 22, 2006
Someone who thinks they are white but in all actuallity are black.
Great....here comes that Lobster again!
by Ekaj June 12, 2005

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