The mutated/evolved species of the pubic lice other known as "crabs"
I didn't get rid of the crabs in time, now there are lobsters infesting my crotch
by MSMA December 07, 2011
Term used to explain any lonely, friendless person who sits in the lobby of a building waiting to meet and hopefully make friends with another lobster or any other random person. Most commonly but not limited to dorm buildings at colleges.
De'andre has been sitting in the lobby for hours! What a Lobster.
by QUICKYQUICKY123 October 05, 2011
A fellow from another region of the world who has come to visit another area to 'Relax and Enjoy The Sun', yet has an inability to use the decent amount of sunscreen, often turning their skin into a reddish hue.
"That Lobster stayed too long in the sun"
by Lunexor July 10, 2008
The name given to a hyperventilating flaccid penis which is usually stark red in color.
Nin decided to give his lobster a bit of air and presented it to Elise who wasn't too impressed.
by CKStarCraft January 16, 2008
A prank to play on an unsuspecting female friend. You approach her silently from behind, and with both hands reach around and tweak her nipples, and yell "Lobster!" She will probably freak out and scream -- this is the desired effect.
I gave her the lobster as payback for the scorpion she gave me earlier.
by bbf July 02, 2007
Basically the same as crabs but HUGE ones.
Dammit Jimmy! Stop jacking off in my washroom! You've left lobsters everywhere!
by .daniel. June 24, 2007
An encredibly sexy animal that is always up for something kinky ;}
Look, there's a lobster! God they make me horny!
by Mooshe September 29, 2005

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