1. a small to medium sized crustacean that lives in the Ocean. Considered a delacasy, it is often thrown into pots of boiling water alive, just to get the flavor right.

2. An 18th century Brittish soldier. Called Lobster because of their distinctive red coats.
1. Man i feel like sea food toniht, how about Lobster?

2. Those Lobsters were brutal mean, but we beat 'em in the end!
by Digi Koala May 11, 2005

1. The act of taking 8 shots in the first five minutes of a party and vigorously vomiting in the bathroom for the rest of the duration.


1. One who performs such an act.
Lobster: "Who wants to take another shot with me?"

Bubba: "Dude slow down you're gonna lobster."
by DaGod February 21, 2014
The act of getting it in the ever elusive female butthole... It's buttsex
Dan "How was she last night brah?"

Justin "She was great, I got lobster!"

Everyone "woo! Woo"
by RD lobsterman November 07, 2012
Mexican slang used to describe an uptight girl most likely belonging to the upper class, in a posessive way. Lobsters are perfectly identical to a lobuki in every sense, except that they have already been claimed by a high-class, modern, young male - known as a mirrey or mirrrey.
Hey! Come over here, lobster.
by El Mirrrey Mayor December 08, 2011
The mutated/evolved species of the pubic lice other known as "crabs"
I didn't get rid of the crabs in time, now there are lobsters infesting my crotch
by MSMA December 07, 2011
Term used to explain any lonely, friendless person who sits in the lobby of a building waiting to meet and hopefully make friends with another lobster or any other random person. Most commonly but not limited to dorm buildings at colleges.
De'andre has been sitting in the lobby for hours! What a Lobster.
by QUICKYQUICKY123 October 05, 2011
White people. They tan on our Hawaiian (or ANY of the) beaches and turn red. Just like lobsters. They're also hella annoying and think they're so great...until they meet their fiery red death.
Walk faster, there's a lobster stumbling over. Dumb FLOP
by bumbaiWUT July 29, 2011
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