Known for their vice-like grip...

To lobster is the act of restraining the gonads of a partner and ANNIHILATE them.

Used in a variety of ways spanning from Lover to Enemy.
Joey Nignone: So are we going on that date or not?

Dan Wynne: That depends... Are you going to order the lobster?
by This is not Johnson January 30, 2010
When ones testicles itch tremendously for reasons other than having sex with a nasty person. For example: a mans testicles being irritatingly itchy after not showering following a workout session.
Broseph: Damn, I didn't shower after work and now my balls itch horribly.
Broski: You probably got that there lobsters.
Broseph: Most definitely
by xeSPox October 25, 2009
To describe a chik that has a mad body, but a bad face.
It comes from when you eat a lobster, you eat the body and throw away the head!
Usually shortened to "lobs"


The word was used first in NY, but unlike a "prawn", a lobster has a really really ugly face.
Daniel: Man, that chik has a nice ass...
(the girl turns around)
Jeff: Fuck me! Wot a lobster! she s all urs!
Daniel: eew!!... for sure god forgot about her when he was distributing beauty!
by Michael Dig September 24, 2006
A derogotory term used by American colonists reffering to British soldiers during the American revolution because of their bright red uniforms.
I shot me a couple of the king's lobsters.
by Paco Renalski October 03, 2005
someone who owns your heart. cannot switch lobster. one person for life.
he's her lobster!
by ccccc28 August 23, 2011
A very complex and mortifying sexual act in which giant red claws are involved
I lobstered her last night, I will never experience anything like that again..
by Golfcourse Men May 18, 2010
A bigger case of crabs, very hard to get rid of. Oversized crabs on a whore's body. VERY contagous!!!!!!!(an STD)
Nita: That whore Tiffany gave me Lobsters!!!!!
Jay Ray: What's that?(i wouldn't know bcuz i'm a virgin)
Nita: They are worse than crabs, cuz they are huge er!!!!!!
by Jery February 13, 2007

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