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1. When you jerk off so frequently your dick becomes permenantly red resembling the dick of a lobster.
"I have to cut down, im starting to develope a lobster dick"
by billbow24 September 30, 2007
A possible side effect of excessive Western Grips.
Due to my addiction to western grips, I now have to face the painful concequences of a lobster dick.
by el faggo May 22, 2009
The inability to pee after having sex even though you have a full bladder.
Man I gotta pee so bad but after that bang session I have lobster dick!
by Notebook September 22, 2005
1.a person with the inability to pee after having sex or jacking off or any shit like that
2 a complete and total hater
ex.1 briggs couldnt pee because he is a lobster dick

ex.2 briggs saw his new 100 buck shades and automatically said they were pieces of shit
by gibran October 02, 2007

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