A common nickname for a trend hopping homosexual.
"Lobes is such a tool"
"Lobes can't stay hard in bed"
"Lobes has a gay light crew LoL, how fucking homo"
"Lobes has a lazy eye"
by Stayedge September 09, 2008
Coined name for those with large ears and or ear lobes.
Thats my friend lobes, he's cool.
Hey lobes, pick up the phone I no you can hear me.
Lobes heard what you said about him.
by misonimous March 29, 2009
Verb- The act of striking one's ear lobe when they have done or said something dumb and or stupid

Noun- One who gets lobed on a regular basis; Adrian Bueno

Its like the "Neck"... except better and less gay
by brosslobee1721 October 31, 2010
an American word for penis.
Nath, Jet and Dom: see you tomorrow lewis!
Lewis: suck my lobe..
by dom kearton February 28, 2008
The space between a man's thigh and his scrotum. This area usually becomes sweaty and extremely unpleasant to one's sense of smell. The only solution for a dirty, nasty lobe is powder, to dry to sweat up. The result, a "cathead buscuit."
Wow, honey, my lobes are pretty ripe tonight.
by Trey Cook February 28, 2007
giving a compliment or credit to something worthy of respect; similar to sweet tight.
"Liz is the lobest girl in the world" said greg who is pretty lobe himself.
by LB&G Rush June 12, 2004
adj. giving credit to something worthy of respect.

v. method of travel when you're going to get high.

interj. express acknowledgement of departure
"Did you see the lobe ass on that girl?" -or- "Yeah, that was some lobe shit!"

"We're gonna lobe on over to D's house later."

"Talk to you soon brother." "Alright man, lobe."
by LB&G Rush June 14, 2004

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