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When you hate someone so much you wish they would die. You wish their family would die. If you're in a room with them you would most likely kill them on the spot.
I loathe that fucker.
by drmta February 02, 2009
like hate, to be so discusted with somone that you might as well take a pole out and beat him or her so that he or she is indistinguishable.
I loathe him so much that I could beat him with a pole until his face is unrecognizeable.
by lil jj November 23, 2003
there's hate, and then there's hate with a strong passion, that's what loathe is.
with all the hate, greed, violence, lies, love, likes, relationships, religions, politics. i have become akin to loathe people of all types.
by suckafreek January 15, 2007
To strongly dislike something!
I loathe people who look down on the act of fucking sheep and other farm animals and other livestock.
TO dislike
I fucking loathe u and hope u die!
by Dre August 07, 2003
extreme hate. usually used by nerds and people who think theyre using big words to make themselves sound more intelligent.
omg i loathe canned tomatoes
by monotone September 26, 2004
A word used by men & women, instead of the word love, when a girlfriend or boyfriend gets too serious about their relationship. Must be pronounced carefully to be effective. If asked to repeat, you're screwed.
Steven: Ok, I'll see you later.
Jessica: Bye Steven, I love you.
Steven: I loathe you too baby.
by trb July 13, 2006