A person who forgot to bring their P.E. clothes back to school from the weekend and had to use "loaner" clothes.
Who do you want on your team?
Well, the only person left is the loaner.
by Stiffy April 23, 2004
Top Definition
What one might incorrectly spell the commonly used term "loner" ;)
Hey dumbass, you there's no "a" in "loner!" Unless you wanna loan me some money you loaner
by Skatterplot April 16, 2013
A hurtful word for a kid who doesn't have any friends. Who spends all of his time alone and doesn't go out on weekends. Never gets picked for teams when playing sports and is hard pressed to get a date for a prom.
Mna look at troy over there by himself, he is such a loaner.
A Hot car that you don't intend to have for long. A car that was stolen, in order to use it for a crime or other purposes. A getaway car or a joy riding car.
Also, a car that has been borrowed to you for any reason.
"Man, I had to run from the cops in my Loaner last night."
"Hey, you still got that Loaner? I got a Lick I need to use it for tonight."
"Cops are stupid, i've been ridin' this Loaner for 6 months now!"
by JGSR July 17, 2006
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