someone who is high off of weed or other drugs or pills
"Man I was so loaded last night"
by Latina August 26, 2004
The act of being on painkillers or another prescription drug while drinking liquor.

The drug must be something that has drastically increased effects because of the alcohol. Beer is typically not strong enough to get someone "Loaded" thus, the need for liquor.
Person 1: "wow james is really loaded!"
Person 2: "Yeah he took 3 hydrocodones and drank a bunch of gin!"
by JWilde February 26, 2012
The definition of this words describes the meaning of being extremley drunk xD Alot of people say It where I come from ex: Nova scotia
Im fucken loaded.
by Kenziekelly1133 June 03, 2010
containing ammunition.
Ja Rule: "Nigga why you laughing at me? I'm gonna shoot yo wanksta ass for the 10th time...HOLLA!"
50 Cent: "You dumb cookie monster-ass bitch! That shit ain't loaded! HAHAHA! But this here gun is, motherfucker! I think about the game and what it's like and WHAT WOULD IT BE WITHOUT YOU?!!!" (BANG BANG!)
by Nick D May 30, 2003
under a large range of influences
damn, bob. tod's been smoking weed, drinking beers and poppin' caps all day today. He's pretty damn loaded right now if you ask me!
by cbchill October 17, 2010
1.Somthing or somone soo full of it
2.somthing stupid
Bob:tom got an A+ on his test and now he is showing off

Luke:Man! he is so loaded
by Qwertin5 March 27, 2009
Someone who is carrying a lot of weapons / firearms on him / her
A guy who has a big dick
Someone who is carrying a lot of anything / stuff around with them
Watch out for that guy - he is loaded!!!


I can't carry anymore groceries - I am loaded already
by MMM August 30, 2004
Having a large amount of "bling",
drugs, or other expensive item.
Shit dawg! You loaded wit dat crack!
by Smithy August 28, 2004
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