someone who is high off of weed or other drugs or pills
"Man I was so loaded last night"
by Latina August 26, 2004
extremely filthy rich...
Look at that fly white boy rollin in dat Hummer...Those rims be da bomb sauce, he must be loaded yo.
by SammyBoySwenda August 29, 2004
If someone's family go on holiday. When it's not even summer. And it's to a nice place. Then that family is loaded.
m8. Yo fam be well loaded. My m8 rich like Bill g8.
by Gotta M8 like Bill G8 January 06, 2016
the affects you feel after taking a downer such as heroin, xanax, oxycotton,or codeine.
being loaded is like feeling relaxed and tired. you might duck out and sometimes forget everything you did the next morning.
"im so fuckin loaded dude"
by jkdcserhg January 16, 2010
meaning, getting really messed up, like you are really high. or stoned.
man, i saw that bitch, he was real loaded
by the cock master August 30, 2004
1) Rich
2) Full featured
Why is Jenny going out with that asshole? - He's loaded!

The mac I bought last night is totally loaded!
by kainam August 29, 2004
1. Anyone who has any more than $300 on them at any given time.

2. Anyone worth robbing/mugging.

3. A woman who has the aim of shopping.
1. Look at Eddy-he's fucking loaded!

2. Let's go mug Eddy!

3. Ah shit. That's not Eddy.
by Zephor February 09, 2010
*To be rich and, pretty much, copius (filled with abundance, be it money, chicks, guns, etc etc etc).

*To be stoned.

*To have your weapons ready for battle, particularly guns.

*A PSone game that was released at the end of 1995. Made by Gremlin Interactive and published by Interplay, it was a game set in the future, in a bleak world, where you could take control of six lunatics, and basically go around splattering people with your guns. Re-Loaded was its sequel, and although Gamepro gave it a decent review at the end of 1996, popular belief is that it sucked. I myself have not played Re-Loaded, but I do own Loaded. Sometimes when I'm bored I pop Loaded into my PS2 and take great pleasure in splattering loonies, and reminiscing of the good ol' days. 1995 and 1996 were great years for me. ^_^ June 1996 was the time I discovered that Loaded was on my demo CD that came with my Playstation, and boy oh boy it was fun (I did also have Wrestlemania, Doom, Gex, and Wipeout; Doom was my most favorite really)......only one character could be played with though, and that was Mamma. But still....ahhhh, good times. ^_^
-Agent Tanya, from Command & Conquer : Red Alert 2
by Dave January 30, 2004
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