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reaching into someone's asshole to steal their shit.
when i went to loach my boyfriend, i found a ring in his ass! then he proposed.

she loached me so hard that i don't think i'll ever need to shit again

hey, are you guys going to the world-renowned music festival loachella?
by X0 Loach 0X June 02, 2008
A brown object that comes out of your bum. In other words a poo.
Can be used as a verb as well.
I did a loach
I loached it
by loachmonkeyman May 27, 2009
1.)a person that listens to the band "slipknot"
2.)someone who always talks about getting laid.
dude, brendan is such a fucking loach! we should kick his ass.
by mikeydollin May 11, 2009
acronym for light observation and attack chopper. Quite possibly the best chopper to grace the skies (nothing against the cobra). Also also known as the OH-6 and developed into the Hughes 500 civilian version. Frequently used in hunter killer missions in Vietnam. The loach would fly low drawing ground fire from VC dumb enough to shoot at it, then magically maneuver out of harms way allowing the cobras and Huey gunships to light the place up like a Christmas tree. Later adapted into the AH-6 Mh-6 little bird(that the special forces still know, love and use)denoted by it's horizontal rear stabilizer rather than the loach's Y-shaped tail. With it's own chain guns and rockets it was more than capable of unleashing hell from above.
The VC shot ground fire at the loach, hope they like napalm and hellfire missiles cause it's Charlie's ass now
by H.M. murdoch June 07, 2007
Someone who has denied responibility for to long and has set himself up for scrutiny
All he does is sit around wackin his pud all day, what a loach.
by skrilla June 23, 2003
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