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Laughing My Sexy Ass Off!
Chuck Norris is the man.

Person 1 - LOL!
Person 2 - LMSAO!
by Juicy G April 13, 2007
Laughing My Sexy Ass Off
by Pink-Kitten September 22, 2009
lmsao! laughing my skinny ass off! for people who have a skinny anus :]
fat guy: o my gowd hairy bob just had babies
skinny: i thought hairy bob was a guy
fat guy: no tis a fish
skinny: lmsao!
by stillnotperfect June 23, 2006
laughing my sarcastic ass off
ridho: bella why is 9 afraid of 7?
bella: i dno, why?
ridho: because 7 8 9! HAHA! GET IT?!
bella: errr ahaha lmsao! =.='
by Agent Carmichael September 03, 2009
laughing my skinny ass off
Kirsti:i DGAFFN!
Savannah: dee dee deet :)
Savannah: LMSAO
by twinbffl May 12, 2009
means Lick my shitty arse out

a homosexual sexually suggestive term and also a childish insult used on msn etc.
i want your big cock

by T & N April 20, 2008
HaHa im LMSAO bitchfuck
by caza332 November 01, 2004
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