Oft used texting expression employed by sms fanbois. lmgtfy grandma since you're still using legacy-sms for texting. Smart phones can engage legacy-sms via SIP, xmpp, and email.
by bing.com May 26, 2013
Top Definition
lmgtfy = (abbreviation) let me google that for you

www.lmgtfy.com lets you google for someone else. So for example, instead of answering a question, you get to be a smartass and answer it through Google!
#1: What is Urban Dictionary?
#2: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=urban+dictionary
by qyng April 04, 2009
Let me google that for you.
You use the website "www.lmgtfy.com"
Search whatever the stupid person asked about;
And paste them the link

Does it all for them.
If they're not smart enough to know what it is,
They're not smart enough to JFGI.
"How many planets are there?"

"Wow, you're an idiot. LMGTFY."
by Karmaaaa. November 17, 2009
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