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laughin my fucking balls off--another one of those stupid abreviations that make no fucking sense in real life.
Guy - I kill my wife.
Dude - LMFBO! Thats so LOL!
Guy - No, I really did.
by kane April 27, 2003
50 23
Laughing my fucking balls off
LMFBO! That shit is funny!
by WorddGod November 25, 2010
10 4
For men, we have LMFBO, laughing my fucking balls off, but for women, we have... LAUGHING MY FUCKING BOOBS OFF!

Used in texting by teenage kids, and an abreviation for: Laughing My Fucking Boobs Off
Girl 1- "Look at this post on Instagram"

*they see the post about a cat banging their head on a sink*

Girl 2- "LMFBO!!!! LOL!"
by MissSarcasm June 24, 2014
2 0