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Let Me Fuck Another Orifice. When certain openings are not available.
Since you're on the rag LMFAO!
True Text story...
Husband: Honey am I gonna get some tonight?
Wife: Not til I pull the plug.
Husband: What does that mean?
Wife: I'm on my period.
Husband: LMFAO
Wife: What does that Mean? Never Mind I figured it out and the answer is No...The last time we did that it hurt too much!
Husband: What do you think LMFAO means?
Wife: Let me Fuck Another Orifice!
by Toddeo September 10, 2009
250 221
this is an abriviation that most people use instead of typing the longer version LAUGH MY FUCKING ASS OFF
britney spears : i got a new hair cut

justin timberlake: LMFAO u shaved your head!
by foxy lady 25 July 13, 2011
282 255
Laughing my faggot ass off
LMFAO is Said by homosexuals who are laughing their ass off.
by I'm theonlyonewhothoughtofthis November 15, 2010
110 93
Lesbians make funny anal orgasms. From the porntube classic video.
Did you see lmfao? Fucking hottest shit I've ever seen. Who knew anal was that good.
by MartinsMyBitch October 25, 2010
136 119
lmfao- an acronym used by many internet addicted people for they are too lazy to type it by itself. Lmfao are the begining letters of "laughing my fucking ass off".

Since most of the people who use this acronym are addicted to internet and spend most of their time sitting at a desk, the meening of lmfao has changed from "laughing my fucking ass off" to "laughing my fat ass off".
fAtSO#1: i just shit'd ma pants.
FaTso#2: lmfao!!!!!!!111!!1

nerd#1: pudding
nerd#2: lmfao!
nerd#1: we know ur ass is fat dude... just say lmao... or nothing at all...
nerd#2: Lmfao! oh wait nvm...

"insert name here": lmfao
me: ur fat.
"insert name here": when did i say i was fat!?
me: sigh...
by phonebooth June 29, 2006
458 446
Crappy electro pop band consisting of two people RedFoo (the son of music mogul Berry Gordy), and SkyBlu (Berry Gordy's grandson.) The only reason why they're famous is because their connections. They are the worst thing that happened to music.
LMFAO are musical assclowns.
by laurel scarlette katrina February 07, 2012
16 9
this stands for Large Mingling Farts Abolish Others
woah man! LMFAO! gross!
by soylecithin August 14, 2011
108 101