Lick my butt hole.
by PoopedMyPants October 06, 2009
Top Definition
an abbreviation for the commonly used term "lick my butt hole". Is most commonly found being used by a jack. Originated in the United stats, lmbh, has found its way all the way to germany!
by lmbheristerist April 04, 2011
Lmbh - Lick my butt hole.
Usually used as a comeback or to be annoying.
usually uzed my a keith or a jake.
"pussy ass bitch"
by ieatgatos420 October 15, 2011
Lick my butt hole
Tiffany: You think u cute cuz ur not!

Kimberly: SMD nd choke!

Tiffany: LMBH bitch!
by ladiiXfresh March 20, 2009
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