laughing my ass off

Generally used on instant messaging services such as AIM or Google Talk.

Contrary to popular believe lmao is pronounced luh-mao(like the Asian dictator dude)

Some say its pronounced luh-mayo but that's just a bunch of bullshit
I lmaoed all night long all night all night.

by The Most Interesting Man May 04, 2008
L - Lesbians
M - Make
A - Awesome
O - Orgasms
Check those two hot girls out, OMG - LMAO!!!
by Houghster June 17, 2008
leave me alone!okay?
m: what's lmao?
j: leave me alone okay?!
by ockcok May 05, 2008
A slang word meaning lame or lam-o.
-Hey Bob do you have a toothbrush?
-No way!
-You are such a lmao!
by Matt the tutor November 14, 2006
Lonely Mans Anal Orifice.
LMAO, an acronym used when slaggin off someone on the Internet.
by SimbadTheSailor September 17, 2008
A chatroom acronym used exclusively by morons, meant to stand for "laughing my ass off". Generally typed in response to deeply unfunny remarks, and also used to feign nonchalance when taunting someone.
1. SeXXyMoM4u: well, gtg buy some groceries
UnImaGinaTiVEFUck876663: lmao

2. Jeremy654333227819: U stupid fuckking idiot, if I ever see u on the street i'll fuckkingg kill u
UnImaGinaTiVEFUck876663: lmao
by Alan. May 02, 2006

"The mayonnaise" in french.
I would like lmao on my chicken sandwich.
by Yum. November 29, 2005
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