lick me all over.

can also be used,


as in, "lick me all over, all over, all over, all over.."
"oh baby. lmao. right, now."

by fiiiish. July 23, 2009


Shrek: What did shrek say to donkey?
Donkey: What?????????
Shrek: PIE!
Donkey: LMAO!! XD
by JonnaR. June 16, 2009
"laughing my ass off" often used in internet conversations.
omg im LMAO emma went out with smellers
by Georgia 93 February 14, 2008
lick my ass out
Katie: care to lmao?
Lewis: ok but i want you to return the favour
by murphyboy March 18, 2009
laugh my ass off
this basicly means that ur gonna laugh until ur ass drops off
mostly writen in diary entries on in online conversations
person 1:the dog was shaggin a toy today
person 2 : lmao
person 1:good times
person 2 :init bruv
by j-doll79 April 15, 2008
laughing my ass off
ben- im gay
Anthony- lmao thats so funny u homo
by anth0ny October 10, 2006
Laugh My Ass Off

Similiar to LMFAO Laugh My Fucking Ass Off

Used online, In chatrooms , forums etc. Along with other short words such as LOL And ROFL.
Kinghorn: Hey, Did you see that Tyson has started doing balet?

Ablett : LMAO!!!

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