laugh my ass off
this basicly means that ur gonna laugh until ur ass drops off
mostly writen in diary entries on in online conversations
person 1:the dog was shaggin a toy today
person 2 : lmao
person 1:good times
person 2 :init bruv
by j-doll79 April 15, 2008
Lick My Ass Opening
johnny : i just tooked a poop!

sarah : yeah?

johnny : lick my ass opening! (lmao)
by PoopJizz June 09, 2009
L- Lick
M- Me
A- All
O- Over
Annie:"Hey Johnny. Want to LMAO?"
by Яeacʇ!oи April 28, 2009
Laugh My Ass Off

Laughing so much that it laughs your ass off!
User I: loool, a woman thought that CD ROM is a little table for glasses and drinks!!!
User II: ahahahahhahaha
User III: LMAO!!!
by dinomario10 July 11, 2008
LMAO is short for laugh my ass off
person: im confused
Alien: LMAO
Person: whats so funnie
Alien: oh nuffin
by mollie-jade ov gy December 08, 2007
LMAO = Laugh my ass off

Basicly another form of LoL. Used in online gaming and on AIM, Windows messanger, etc.
Surferdude: Brenda is so ugly
CoolChick: hahaah LMAO
by D3r3k B May 17, 2005
laughing my ass off

Generally used on instant messaging services such as AIM or Google Talk.

Contrary to popular believe lmao is pronounced luh-mao(like the Asian dictator dude)

Some say its pronounced luh-mayo but that's just a bunch of bullshit
I lmaoed all night long all night all night.

by The Most Interesting Man May 04, 2008

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