Lick me all over. Created by Peaches.
Guy: lmao
Girl: NO!!!!
Guy: Plz?
Girl: kk
Guy: JESSS!!!
by pie_fucker November 16, 2009
a frequently used "word" people use when IMing each other. it stands for "laughing my ass off" but obviously, no one laughs they're ass off, so it's quite ridiculous. we use it when something's funnier and deserves more than a capitalized "lol" sometimes people say it in person too, but that's only when they're trying to be funny... or they're just retarded.
somefathobo (2:34:56 PM): who's mom do you have to rape around here to get some cookies?
anotherhobo (2:34:57 PM): lmao
somefathobo (2:34:58 PM): it wasn't that funny... was it?
by kirshteeen February 05, 2009
only used on the inter net if you are scottish you say laughing my arse of! it is used if some thing is funnyer than lol
boy:kelly allen got stuck in a seat today!

girl: Lmao!!
by buzzinforlove November 04, 2009
NOT lamo, but lmao standing for laughing my ass off.
Some people say lmbo but that just means you dont like swearing and it's lame.

another word for lol
Did you see that joke Margret Cho said? lmao, it was hilarious!
by ilovemusic338 August 18, 2008
lick me all over
Guy: Heyy ur hot
Girl: lmao!
by NOTICE. MY. NAME. November 24, 2010
L: lamas
A: awesome
O: oranges
Person #1 whoa dude that lama is awesome

Person #2 LMAO
by darkchick666 October 25, 2009
Laughing My Ass Off. Like lol (laugh out load) its a way of sying its funny.
knock knock.
Who's there?
Doctor who?
by BeanyBabe October 11, 2009

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