Iamo is an acronym for Ladies More Accomplished Organisation
lmao has been bandied about for so long now most of the guys, including myself think it means " laughing my arse off" I will let you guys, who are still under that impression, into a little secret. LMAO is an abbreviation for the Ladies More Accomplished Organisation
by St Ias November 12, 2005
licking mum's anal openings
i have no money so my job is lmao
by frm_siren August 19, 2005
Licking my anal orifice
The toilet paper wouldn't do the job so I was lmao.
by H TO THE ARLOT February 10, 2003
Somehow LMAO has gone from "Laughing My Ass Off" to a shorthand way of saying "Wow everything is so overwhelming and I just want to die."
"He told me I was pathetic, LMAO jokes on him because I actually am."
by charleigh April 17, 2015
Laughing my ass off. In order to pronounce it correctly, you have to say each letter individually. L. M. A. O.
LMAO she pronounced this word wrong.
by Vuldin March 27, 2015

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