lick my ass off

doe called me a biath so i said lmao
someone insults you, you say lmao
by porkpie me October 01, 2006
To LMAO is to laugh... more or less. It stands for laugh my ass off. Uhhh thats it I think.. iono umm its an extreme form of laughter. See lol.
Knock knock... whos there... yo momma biatch... LMAO
by steveo da chinaman August 24, 2005
Term meaning "Laughing my ass off". Commonly used by n00bs.
-You hear that that idiot got arrested?
by Crazy Man December 23, 2003
Land Mail Art Object
Dude, that DIY envelope you just made is a pretty sweet LMAO
by alysia r. February 20, 2006
Licking - Myself - All - Over, Used Online Only.
John: What's up Jane?
Jane: Lmao
John: Sounds hot.
by Lewie March 02, 2005
Laughing my Ahlberg off.
Haha that's so funny, lmao.
by XinC January 11, 2006
Iamo is an acronym for Ladies More Accomplished Organisation
lmao has been bandied about for so long now most of the guys, including myself think it means " laughing my arse off" I will let you guys, who are still under that impression, into a little secret. LMAO is an abbreviation for the Ladies More Accomplished Organisation
by St Ias November 12, 2005

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