Laughing My Ass Off:
it wat lazy people type instead of a laugh on the internet
an alternative to 'lol'
PoULeT: lo shelmo!
SHELMO:lo! guess wat... im in love!!! =D
PoULeT: lmao
SHELMO: no... seriously!
PoULet: lmao!!!!
SHELMO: jk jk jk jk
by Pooooulet!! April 18, 2007
Laughing My Arse Off

Something that is impossible to do
n00b: LMAO
Me: That is actually impossible
by Laird Cookie February 07, 2007
Pratically saying your laughing your ass off but your not. See the word lol but this word is more extreme. People who use this word are basically dumbfucks who cant think anything else to say beside a worthless reply of lmao. They are ethier talking to someone else (meaning all the replys you get all just lmao) or sucking dick
Guy: Dude... My GF just died..
GayCunt: lmao

Guy: dude its not funny...
GayCunt: lmao

GayCunt: lmao

by laughingoutloud March 21, 2007
this infamous internet expression can also stand for licking myself all over, as has been pointed out to me...
<insert emo lyric here> says: lmao
<insert other emo lyric here> says: EWWW!!! dont you know what that means?
<insert emo lyric here> says: yes i do...I'm trying 2 b feral! :)
by julz R. February 05, 2007
lmao means laughing my ass off.
u can use it when something is hilarious.
*Someone do something funny*

"Hahaha, lmao!"
by martee May 11, 2007
Acronym: Lighting My Ass On (Fire). The term was originally written as LMAOF, but people got even lazier over the years, and shortened it by one letter.

Sometimes, though, its true form is misspelled as "LMFAO". This is a common mistake, for the "F" is supposed to be at the end of the acronym.
"Ah hahaha!"
by Bucket Life October 02, 2007
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