llyod banks has a smooth and sexxy voice and lyrically he is banging
by the one and only Mrs. Llyod Banks October 07, 2003
lloyd bank$ is the best rapper alive.
"we're like the neptunes, its different teams, we both move around with clips(e) and they spit sixteen."

"your top seller gettin sticked for his shine, either im blind, or ashanti's sideburns is thicker than mine!!!"

"beef? you a target, cos when we done with your ass aladdin wont be the only one on the carpet, man, you wanna play with a ringer? i ain't a peoples person, i give my next door neighbour the finger, FUCK YOU!!!"
by suspect-d-real December 17, 2003
lloyd banks is the best commercal punc line rapper of the world
aka a million dollar nigga aka blue hifner aka gang green aka big truk banks aka lamborghini lloyd aka boy wonder aka new dimonds aka ice n bezel ask smok up all your weed AKA cristopher lloyd aka ther one and only lloyd banks
by tatis June 19, 2006
Lloyd Banks is da shit.He rap way betta than 50,yayo,and buck.He make all these pussy niggas look like shit.
Look nigga, i suggest u go home cuz i wont hesitate 2 let da chrome touch ya, nigga i aint neva scared like Bone Crusha
by KiLLa K January 10, 2004
The best god damn rapper in G-Unit. He has amazing flow and crazy lyrics to go with it. He should ditch G-Unit's asses for sure, he would be way better without them.
Lloyd Banks is the future of Rap.
by G-Un0t December 02, 2006
he will own the rap game for the next 30 years ,,, word

wait til march 2004 and u'll see
banks is a mack, he's somethin like a PIMP, got the style, got the smile got the look, got the LIMP
by g-unit soldia October 18, 2003
LLoyd banks the boy wonder, talks slick when he speaks, with rhymes for morethan three weeks, in the rap game call him a geek, let'em hate, they not in his reach, his lyrics are like a quoteble speach . . .
by SsciencesS September 15, 2003

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