damn, just a year ago this guy was hot. now hes getting money off of "im so fly" and his incredibly dissapointing album. still the best of the g-unit crew (sadly)
post-8 mile shady/aftermath: what the hell happened?
by sk1 September 17, 2004
My baby's daddy.
Father of my children.
by Evie November 27, 2003
Fake-ass punk from the G-unit crew. No one in their right mind could say that any of these faggots have sick rhymes. Eazy E knew what a bitch Dre was, and he wouldn't stand for this shit either. All of em are fuckin bitches...50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck. They all need to back the fuck up and make way for the realest thugs...straight up Cleveland SCT's Bone Thugs-n-Harmony: Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish, and Flesh muthafucka!!!
Krayzie Bone just loaded da fuckin 12 guage and hit up his niggas from da 99...they down to pull a 187 on Lloyd Banks' punk ass.
by MC Roach April 11, 2005
Lyrically capable MC although he's a fruitcake. He only ''cockin'' in gay porn. Gay ass muf*cka.
Lloyd banks claims he the hardest. Prolly the hardest dick in gay porn videos.
by Killah December 26, 2004
A former gay porn star who was recruited by 50 cent to be a part of G-Unit so that 50 would have more street cred since Banks is actually from New York while 50 originally came from Philly and went to Select Friends, a rich Quaker school. Is know for his apathy and mumbling in songs. He spit a really lackluster freestyle on BET in which he responded to two of Game's disses by stealing Biggie Smalls' lines (see quote). Also claims he has a "hood pass" but hardly anyone in New York respects him now.
Lloyd Banks says:

'All I got is heat and tough talk four you/
pepper spray your eyes just for you'

Originally BIG says:

'All I got is heat and tough talk for you/
cut your balls off just for you'

-not to mention that's not even a rhyme but whatever, he's fallen off
by Post Mortem November 27, 2006
Lloyd Banks is my man for all yall hoes that think he yours. Check it out, he aint. Lloyd Banks is my man fo life and don;t get it twisted, Idon;t wanna say it again!!
Lloyd Banks is the best in G-unit
A gay porn star who raps on the side (hence the "sexy voice" as some have mentioned). Got signed because he was shot and, unlike Curtis Jackson, was actually born and raised in Jamaican Queens. Lacks variety in his monotone, canned rhymes. Even his beef tracks put you to sleep. Has a *very* original rap name (I doubt he had Lloyd's of London in mind since Christopher Lloyd is his real name). If you don't want to listen to some mainstream G-Unit toy soldier bitches, cop some Nas, Rakim, Gangstarr, Canibus, and Geto Boys.
PS for definition #4: it's ridiculous, not rediculous ;-)
R. Kelly should come out with another addition to the "Trapped in the Closet" series and do a collabo with Lloyd Banks, though the video would have to be some hard core x-rated porn shit, what with Banks' gay sex and R. Kelly's feces.

I like 50 Cent
He reminds me Spongebob
And Tony Yayo is Blues Clues
And Lloyd Banks is Dora the Explorer
They're my friends
by MC PM April 02, 2006

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