Banks is really nice. He kills me when he's crakin on people. He spits pure venom on the mic. He's very advanced n people will notice his talent quickly. His voice is sexy too. People will be able to notice him on tracks easily.
His free styles when he talked about how ulgy the P miller sneaker was.
by Crystal March 15, 2004
Da hottest freestyler's known to mankind.Some niggas say he's better than some of these cats in g-unit.(50,buck,and yayo)
Lloyd Banks from G-unit
by fittedboy a/k/a kyle hopson November 28, 2003
Easily tha sickest shit out right now is Lloyd Banks, his game is nasty n his lyrics is on...
"My albums comin, a new years approachin
my buzz gettin bigger, a few ears is open
can ya team play in the game w/out you there to coach em
theres a very fine line between a pool n a ocean"
by Sick Nasty November 19, 2003
can't wait till he drops commercially the game is over. he definitlly makes fifty look like shit. he rhymes whole sentenses.
by loby September 10, 2003
Lloyd Banks is the illest shyt. Dat nigga keep his shyt so real. He is so hott and got dat hypnotisin voice. I think 50 needs to let Lloyd take da spotlight dat kid got some real muh fuckin talent. He's big shyt out on da street he's a lyrical genius and he puts shyt together so perfectly. You mess wit him he'd sholy pop some heat on yo ass. My dawg keep it real
"One squeeze will make a bastard fall,gasp and crawl,you need a bullet proof vest,mask and all"
by West Coast Stunna December 30, 2003
guy is fuckin craaaaaaaaazy, "i'll put a dot on ur head like it's part of ur religion" "now i'm done off the liquor in the back grabbin a stripper, strapped to stay out that black bag wit a zipper" rookie of the year fo sho
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
Da best nigga alive today!!
See Ive been hated since the fifth grade, so my best friends a tray pound, ice pick and a switch blade.
by Andrew November 11, 2003
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