First of all unlike the previous posters I'm for one am not blinded by the mainstream sorry state.Llyod Banks is a rap artist with a monotone flow,impressive punches & weak song concepts based on b!tch slappin, trife thuggery,doe getting & fake pretences.
He is prolly the best skilled artist on the G-unit label.

PS. he ain't the future of rap YOU ARE!!
by Ruffian Russ February 03, 2005
lets see Lloyd do i describe him...he is just the sexist man alive...his voice can drive any gurlie crazy and his spit game is killa..he is better than every which way..anyone that hates on Lloyd needs serious help..he is just so perfect in every which way
Lloyd Banks is soooo fuckin sexii!!

Banks is fresh out the gutta (gutta)
To smooth to stutta (stutta)
His cig will melt a riva like 2 scoups of butta (butta)

It’s eithier cause their boyfriend is a scrub like brillow
Or cuz banks is cooler than the other side of the pillow

hahaha this shit is crazy...look at that need i say more
by Helena aka Lena August 25, 2004
The Future Of The Rap Game. He Is heir To The Thrown. He Might Even Be Remembered Like 2pac and The Biggie
Billy: That New Lloyd Banks Joint Is Hott!

Jimmy: What Chu expect! It's Banks!
by Da King June 27, 2004
one of da gangstas from gggg-unit (wich is da most pimp group) and hes da best of all of them, his voice is so pimp
lloyd bank is a pimp
by jake hoffman March 20, 2004
My nugga is the illest out right now...give him some time, he gon have this rap thang on lock!!
This nucca said, "I Deal With More Hoe's Than A Chinese Yellow Book."
by Abdizzle December 09, 2003
he da realest killa
by DeSH DeE November 14, 2003
The best rapper in G-Unit, and currently one of the best rappers in the game. He should ditch G-Unit because of his lyrical skill, but what can he do? 50 helped Banks become big, and can never repay him, so leaving G-Unit is out of the question.
Lloyd Banks has flawless flow, and usually sticks to 3 syllable rhyming bars. He has been known to have long strings of multis, and puts ALOT of metaphors in songs.
He is a great lyricist. He's in my top five.
My top ten:
Lloyd Banks
Big Pun
Lloyd Banks displays his incredible multisyllabic rhyming skill with a long chain of multis in his song "Hands Up"
I cruise through the strip
22's on the whip
New rules gonna hit
Thousand dollar outfit
Never snooze never slip
Follow rules or get whip
Nigga move or get hit
I don't care who's on the strip
It ain't only the Ferrari now
the jewels got him sick
Now it's 2006 I need a new bottom miss
It's aight they can talk I'm amused by the pricks
I'm the news out the bricks nigga
who's hot as this
I bet the mansion and the swimming pool
got 'em pissed

I ain't a cuddler I fuck the drool outta chick

all multi identification done by me
lloyd banks will lyrically murk yo ass
by pmilladcs July 04, 2007

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