He always goes quick and always has fings 2 say fo show!!!!!!! Holla bck
ima p.i.m.p. g.a.n.g.s.t.e.r
by Mo money mo problems November 07, 2003
A fine rapper very hot
lloyd banks is very hot
by kia July 22, 2004
Lloyd banks simply owns rap, he has the craziest metaphors ever and his multisyllables cant be touched! ITS NOT EVEN FAIR!
Keep the ammo clean, techs polished in the drawer..cameras by the hampers, that monitor the floor...
by banksisgod October 24, 2003
Great voice, lyrics and attitude..
Next Big Thing
"why the fuck did they make 50 cent big.. when Banks was right there.. "
by xoxoxo October 18, 2003
lloyd banks g-unit's best lyricist/rapper n also the youngest member of g-unit an up n coming star of the rap game
he was falsly accused of appearing in gay video but it was just a look-alike it wasn't really him

they call me banks a.k.a young money
myb b young but don't take me 4 no dummy
lloyd banks i'm dat nigga
fuk wit me i'll pull that trigga
by lyrical August 03, 2006
rapper, member of a group called G-unit.
very hot!!!!!!!!!!!
Lloyd Banks is on fire.
by kika June 05, 2004
The best rapper walking out there! Banks says: "It's a damn shame ya'll still local, I'm in million dollar studio laying my vocals!"
by gangster October 28, 2003

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