Well..he's a dumb shit. HE can't even rap. He and G Unit make rap look..well..sissy. One of the reasons why I don't even listen to rap any more. I only really listen to his B.I.G..cause he's the only rapper that CAN rap. Rap has absolutely no future with G Unit or any of it's members.
and sexy?! omg ..you people are on something! He's not even attractive at all! Neither is 50. His body is the only good thing about him.
and the blue balls...guy's balls aren't even blue when they get blue balls!
And wow..I'm a hater. Fucking deal with it.
All Lloyd can rap about is gangs, himself, and how he can get some from a woman.
"The only way I catch blueballs is if a bitch got blue lipstick" <thts not what blue balls is you dumb fuck!
by XSexylilPirateX March 13, 2005
you white people are motherfucking pop groupie ass bitches who don't know Hip Hop in the least bit. You are idiots in every sense of the word. Banks is a mediocre rapper nowhere NEAR the top (ranking within the 3 percentile range of all rappers). Who can Banks lyrically fuck with? Only other bitches who are just as bad at rhyming as he is. He can't touch the likes of Talib Kweli, Jeru, Nas, or Vakill. He is shit, as is the rest of Mainstream Rap nowadays. You want intelligently written lyrics? You'd be hard pressed to find it anywhere besides the Underground. You dolts. It's things like these that make me hate white people sometimes.
Lloyd is not hip hop, don't try to convince yourself that he is, you're just lying to yourself.
by Jek October 19, 2004
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