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he will own the rap game for the next 30 years ,,, word

wait til march 2004 and u'll see
banks is a mack, he's somethin like a PIMP, got the style, got the smile got the look, got the LIMP
by g-unit soldia October 18, 2003
40 29
Lloyd is the hottest no question.He say" nigga what kind of beef do you want, little kids will find your body in the grass after the easter egg hunt. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some one throw some water on him to cool him down
by anonymous September 22, 2003
825 588
Llyod Banks is fuckin sick and the illest member of G Unit. He's the future of rap no doubt next in line fa sho.
" I gotta a new toy that ill burn a hater, and put a red dot in his eye like the fuckin terminator" come on damn!" Its several knots in my pockets from the pay tracks, so I get more head than any stockin or a wave cap." "You can either get bucked or get ya ass jumped, the only trigger you touched is on a gas pump." ENOUGH SAID!
by Evolution October 01, 2003
624 401
A lyrical monster,not to be messed with
He's going down in history next to Wallace and Shakur.He'll be what Shyne could have been if Shyne never went to jail
{G-Unit's lyrical monster}
by Travis Hemmings January 02, 2004
572 381
Lloyd Banks is REDICULOUS. He has perfect flows and is lyrically unbreakable, whether he is doing 16 bars or 48 bars. His rhymes on "What Goes Around" have to be some of the best rhymes ever written down and performed. G-Unit should definitely bring out a collabo first before Lloyd Banks' solo album drops, the masses are not ready for him yet, so he needs to be introduced first. He is ill!
by Pryce August 31, 2003
628 464
Next in Line, The future of this rap $hit, the top of the food chain, top gunner boy wonder, 134 all star
by melvin flynt August 06, 2003
1121 973
super hot on da streets number one rapper there is
number one
by anonymous August 26, 2003
517 377
This nigga lloyd banks is ill he is the rap rookie of the year.
by deesharp423 October 03, 2003
546 434