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A backwards Spoonerism of "small penis". One of the three standards of the Sinep Scale. Term used for identifying the 90% of the male population in the world who believe they are males who exude masculinity and coolness at every pore (gipsinebs) but in reality are jealous, self-loathing, insecure, and premature ejacualtors. Commonly also known as a tool. Lack any legitimate skills, knowledge, and/or true confidence to thrive in life. They are really followers and not leaders. A high percentage of llampsines are known to have an excessive preoccupation with the idea of money, cars, women, bling, partying, etc. and don't have a high enough IQ to formulate any other type of somewhat intelligent thought, but usually never attain such things. Ever. Any male who uses the term "swag" or "YOLO" to define any aspect of themselves is a tell tale sign of llampsineism. Obviously, a physical characteristic is having a small penis, which they always claim is bigger than it really is. Often confuse the idea of confidence and instead display arrogance, which is usually a psychological defense mechanism for their true insecure, hurt selves. 'Llampsines' is the technical way of spelling, but due to too many llampsines getting confused, 's' at the end can either denote singular or plural.
Parker: "Spencer is under the impression that he is coolest thing since sliced bread but is really the biggest nimrod around."
Jason: "He's a total llampsine."
Parker: "Got 'em..."

Notable llampsines:
Any mainstream modern rapper, Adam Levine, 99% of teenagers and young adults. Shit, the list is too long... Aforementioned, 90% of the male population.

If you or a loved one is displaying signs of llampsineism, call now, time is running out.
by d3ck3r October 27, 2014
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