A hybrid of a llama and a unicorn. Usually found in South Asia and India. They defecate baby llamacorns and rainbows shoot from their horns.
Jew boy: "Did you just see that llama with the horn?!"
Jew girl: "I think you mean a llamacorn!"
by C-Swag September 26, 2011
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when a llama and a unicorn get a little frisky....
Look at that llamacorn running down the freeway!!
by your mom's mom's moms October 22, 2007
1. noun - The offspring of a llama and a unicorn.

2. adjective - Slang for good, brilliant

3. verb - to run like a llama and unicorn combined
1. "That's an attractive llamacorn!"
2. "Harry Potter is so llamacorn!"
3. "They're llamacorning like there's no tomorrow!"
by carrotninja January 08, 2011
one day, a llama and a unicorn had a baby, and the llamacorn was born. it has the body of a llama, with a unicorn horn, and it also poops cupcakes.
Random dude 1: HEY! Look at that thing over there. It's a llama, but with a unicorn horn!

Random dude 2: bro, chill, it's a llamacorn. don't you read urban dictionary?

Random dude 1: ....O_o.
by xXxSceneSwagg;3xXx November 07, 2011
fantabulous creature a mix between awsomness and pure awsomeness a creation among the gods it is a mix between a unicorn and llama and they call it a llamacorn.
that llamacorn is so supercalifragilisticexpialadocious
by lisatheunicornllama January 20, 2014
Llamacorns are mystical creatures that like to eat cupcakes and jelly beans. They live on rainbows and re very friendly. They can't fly and they are very unique. About 200 out of 300 people ever get to see one in their lifetime. Being friends with one is a special gift and they speak all languages.
Wow, did you just see that cupcake eating llama?

yeah dude, that was my friend, Mr. Llamacorns!
by mrssexaybear February 28, 2013
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