a person with a tendency to trip over things no-one else possibly could - walks into the same door twice in the same day - is a bit of a moron and puts her foot in her mouth but is hilariously funny.
ha, did you see her trip over her own feet - what a lizzie!

how did you get that bump?
I pulled a lizzie.
by Moronnumber2 July 14, 2009
a lizzie is a very enthusiastic female with lots of friends. everyone loves her and wants to be her. never mess with a lizzie. sometimes gets down but always seems to be able to give good advice.
man, thats a lizzie.
by __letspartyyy July 19, 2009
A person that loves to lay on a rock in the sun, loves double back flips after flirting in an Ivalou's parking lot, makes you want to give your whole life for a moment , is no non-sense but not quite ligit, is an amazing beauty but not the common kind, is one of a kind, loves porkburgers of the orange variety, may be the toughest woman you'll ever meet, may be the most fragile at times but would never show it, has the most amazing gift to make a person feel special, would be right at home in my barn making art, is a limitless yet unrealized potential, is part of my 100 acre dream, is my love forever.
Had the time of my life yesterday, it was a Lizzie moment.
by Tangerine, Tangerine...... December 07, 2011
to be an amazing friend

slightly chavvy :P

a member of hjc (Y)

and sing bus songs which annoy everyone else lol
"Smack that! all on the floor!"
"Your being such a lizzie!"
by lau.rawr! <3 January 11, 2007
A splendiferous creature that leaves a trail of pink glitter in its wake. Has been known to have fairy-like features and attributes and a voice that puts angels to shame. Its beauty cannot be described by text-only definition.
"Son, your mother is such a Lizzie. I love her."

"Dad, do you think I'll marry a Lizzie when I'm older?"

"Of course, Son. Every good man deserves a Lizzie."
by fourfinger5s May 19, 2014
A Lizzie will always tell it to you straight. A Lizzie will never lie to protect your feelings. A Lizzie can sniff out a lie like a fart in a car, but loves to watch you dig your hole deeper and deeper, looking down at you from above, until your fat mouth piles on another lie, and another lie, and another until you're completely burried in your own bullshit. A Lizzie keeps her true friends close, her frienamies closer. A Lizzie knows you're full of shit and loves to point it out to anyone who will listen. A Lizzie is someone you want on your side, not against you. NEVER betray a Lizzie, she will ALWAYS get what she wants.
"Lizzie fucking rules, she told that fat cunt Bianca EXACTLY why everyone hates her and her crazy cousin!"

"Don't mess with a Lizzie, son, you'll get the horns!"

"Bianca and Starr TOTALLY JUST GOT LIZZIED publicly on the internet. BURN!"
by Truthie McTrutherton October 18, 2013
A blond girl with some close friends and a unnatural love for Harry Potter. She is considered smart but doesn't really believe it and is somewhat self conscious. When she is with close friends or alone, she is weird as you'll get out. Nonetheless, she is sweet when it comes down to it and will try to help everyone she can. No guy likes her even though she is really cool and awesome.
"Hey that girl really likes Harry Potter, she must be Lizzie!"
by Brian Blasen October 27, 2013
the most amazing best friend that you will ever meet. She is always frowning so you'll think that she is pissed at the world, but when you break her out of her zoned-outness (which is a lot) she will give you the most gorgeous smile even shown to mankind. She is loyal, kind, honest, trustworthy, loving, caring, wise and HILARIOUS. There is no one on the planet like her and she is yeah, just the best thing. Besides her amazing personality, she is short, black, beatiful and you just wanna hug her all the time! If you find said Lizzie, make sure that you treat her like the princess that she is because anything less than that will earn you a face-breakage.
Hey do you see that amazingly beautiful girl over there with the incredible smile?
Yeah dude, that's Lizzie, never ever let go of her
by youknowme2014 December 31, 2013
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