A burley snaggle-toothed woman who is addicted to pain medication and living off of others like a blood-sucking leech.
DAMN! Susan is a stankin' ass lot lizzard!
by beetoven September 25, 2010
Top Definition
A girl that seems sweet and nice, but turns out to be a complete bitch determined to screw up her life as well as the lives of others.
I really liked this chick, but she turned out to be a lizzard.
by john the explorer May 24, 2006
AKA lot lizzard...
trucker term used on the CB meaning a prostitute that works usually in truckstops or rest areas
Any lot lizzards out here tonight? I gotta get laid!
heinous girl who thinks shes the bomb
Mike- Check out that girl
Suppa- Damn Lizzard
by Suppa February 02, 2007
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