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A woman who drank everyone under the table in Hollywood! Liza could of probably drunk half of Russia under the table with the way she guzzled her booze.

Liza is a bit like her mum Judy Garland, minus the hanging out of Hotel windows threatening to commit suicide.

Liza popped pills like tic-tac's but gave great performances again and again and again!!!

Liza daughter of Judy Garland and film director Vince Minenelli has won an Academy Award, The Tony, The Emmy and The Grammy!!! And that's something pretty special to pull off!

Liza married about four guys, none of them lasted of course, and she never had any kids. O.K her first husband was gay, Peter Allen who died of an AIDS related illness, but apart from that whether it was the exhausting routines, the drugs, the booze, the nights smashed off her face laying in back alley's, she was never able to have any natural children of her own.
"I think that's Liza Minnelli's head smacking against the theatre exit door?" "Somebody go out and give the poor bitch some uppers, she's on in 5 minutes!"

"Wow!" "That was a great performance!" "Yes, and she wasn't even liquered up!"
by The Moody Poet August 23, 2006
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a women who was extremely hot in 'cabaret'...but then did a fuckload of drugs and went crazy...which drove her to kicking her husband's ass.
wow...liza minnelli is a fucking ROCK STAR!!!

who would've known?!
by instant_retard February 06, 2005
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