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n. The propensity of a female to physically abuse a male companion, (i.e: husband or boyfriend)named for the vocalist/actress Liza Minelli, who allegedly battered her husband.
v. The act of physically abusing or assaulting a male companion.
If you don't take her out on your anniversary, she'll give you a taste of her liza minelli.

The source of his bruises was obvious: he had been liza minellied by his girlfriend.
by no-one of consequence November 23, 2003
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a strech leotard wearing old lady, who has made pots of money acting and singing badly, oh and by the way yu may not know this but she is Judy Garland's daughter
look at that old lady drinking meths and pising into the bin, she's such a liza minelli
by Steve December 11, 2003
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Being well and truly past the stage of being edible, even when you're totally intoxicated.
"How was your burger?"
"Totally Liza Minelli - I can feel it coming back up right now"
by IanXDaws April 28, 2009
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