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a cult formed in central Florida. A church based organization that preaches the fact that if you do not comply with god's will 100% in absolutely every aspect of your life, your fucked. The Liv It's (people who follow the cult) consider themselves above everyone else, even though EVERYONE makes fun of them when they walk away.
Wednesday Night, around 7

boy1: are you going to Liv It tonight ?

boy2: Uhm, No. I think im going to my dads house. Id rather be hazed in private.

boy2: *stares in shock that someone ACTUALLY doesn't agree with their beliefs*
by deltonaclassof09 March 06, 2009

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The limit of the liver to withstand alcohol consumption.

- Coined by comedian Chris Porter
"You want another beer?"
"No, I've reached the livits."
by adamc1212 August 29, 2009