a place where teenagers go and think there all cool sitting with there friends cause they have nothing else to do. Most people just go in the wood and get stoned out of there mind. If there was something good happinf there i would say it but theres not.
let go get high in the woods at livingston street with all lthe otha people and like umm no one will know.
by anonymous123_74125 November 01, 2007
Top Definition
a street in the town of tewksbury massachusetts. where there is a shitty teen center, a shitty skatepark, a shitty farm like thing, and more basket ball and tennis couts a town needs. most of the kids who hang out there are little 13 year olds who think theyre badass. thare are like 12 baseball feilds (all suck) the teen center is run y a horrible horrible fat guy named roy who has nothing better to do than yell at the kids. in the woods, there is a place where all the kids go to smoke whatever they can get theryre hands on, (crack, pot, cigs) there are also like 6 or 7 old abbandoned houses that EVERYONE says that thyre going to break into...but never will. there also a haunted house that is remotely fun , but is only open in october. so its basicly a shitty street for a shitty town
livingston street sucks
by jason910 May 30, 2008
A street in the shitty town of Tewksbury, MA. Basically? Its this wicked long street that is barely paved. If you go there, you will find about 2478864687 little wigger and preppy kids from the ages of 11-13 who think they're badass. Theres a bunch of shitty baseball fields that are always flooded and a Teen Center that smells like old people. Inside the Teen Center theres a bunch of pool tables and moldy couches. Theres a skatepark that sucks, and is always closed due to vandalism. Nobody goes there cause the Wilmington skatepark is better. Theres also a football field, and from there you can see the helicopter landing pad and horse stables owned by the rich guy who owns the Country Club and likes to fly around in his little helicopter. The only interesting thing on Livingston Street is the haunted house which kicks ass, but is only ope for like 3 weekends in October. In the woods is where all the kids go to get high
Livingston Street sucks. So does Tewksbury
by kellybowersiscoolerthanyou April 25, 2009
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