Originated in latin word lividus - grayish blue.
The most famous Livia was the first Roman empress Livia Drusilla, wife of Octavian, the Emperor Augustus. They remained married for 51 years.
She was born on 30 January 59 or 58 BC as the daughter of Marcus Livius Drusus Claudianus by his wife Aufidia.
She was very influential in Roman politics.
Tacitus about Livia: She had the aged Augustus firmly under control — so much so that he exiled his only surviving grandson to the island of Planasia.

Livia: honourable, wise, powerful and noble woman.
by Laetitia the Paelex February 05, 2010
Top Definition
A loveable cute little chica.
Boyfriend: Aw, baby, you're such a livia.
Girlfriend: AWWWW, I LOVE YOU!
by <3 April 06, 2005
A lovely, loveable, bright, energetic woman with a generous spirit and a sparkle in her eye. A darling who loves to say "Good Morning" at any time of day.
I always feel energized when I see Livia.
by dnightlight February 03, 2010
Livia i(noun)/i a girl who is a hardcore ninja that wears pretty shoes, and is gorgeous. Often insecure, she is actually very beautiful, if you can talk to the people who know her.
Hey, guys, let's go hug Livia! *massive group hug*
by khaoschib May 06, 2010
The hottest chica in town....'All the boys want her and all the girls wanna be her friend... She is PERFECT
I wish my girlfriend was a Livia
by Loveable chica February 07, 2015
A girl who tries to be happy and make the people around her happy. She has a huge heart and loves all her friends so much. She hides a lot of things with a fake smile and she has her dark times. She's a great human being and a awesome friend. Obssesed with anime and the Internet. Spends most of her time on Tumblr. Dyes her hair a lot. Likes the colour black and bands.
"You know that girl who's obsessed with anime and is depressed?"
"Yeah her"
by Awkward_Otaku April 03, 2015
annoying chick who uses people. Also says come at me and fight me alot
That chick is such a livia
by IWOA October 22, 2010

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