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A spoof off of the popular Lance Armstrong "Livestrong" bracelet/armband. The Livewrong band is meant to convey that you should be proud of the way you live and you shouldn't be ashamed of it, whichever way you live your life.
Jane : I can't believe you live the way you do. Smoking and drinking and shit like that. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Mary (wearing the Livewrong bracelet): I'm happy with the way I'm living my life. You should be more open-minded to other people's lifestyles.
by j0000 April 12, 2009
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a band that says u shud b proud of the way u live and u shudnt b ashamed of it
girl : i cant believe u live the way u do. smokin n drinkin n shit like that. ya shud b ashamed of yaself.

boi: im proud of the way i live. i aint ashamed. thats y i wear a livewrong band
by Krazy Kizass March 27, 2005

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