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a yellow bracelet that everyone wears and half of them doesn't even know that its to support cancer
Hey mista ill buy that livestrong from you for 20 bux even though i no its only worth 1... yay im coooool!
by jonny October 03, 2004
A marketing device (probably not thought of by Lance Armstrong) that goes to cancer research/funds.
Friend 1 - Hey John what's that yellow bracelet on your wrist?

Friend 2 - Yeh? What is that?

John - It's a 1337 Armstrong bracelet I have no idea OMFGh4x0r wtf it's for. LOLLERSKATES
by Ayu Hamasaki January 01, 2005
To do drugs, especially the marijuana.

The first person to livestrong was Lance Armstrong in the early 2000s, and the kids have been following in his example ever since.
Ben: Bro, my crib is empty, you want to livestrong at my house?

Zach: Yeah I'll be right there.
by MightyJoeYoungMoney June 29, 2014
A Really Stupid Piece of Advice.
Daddy:"Livestrong My Son, And Together We Can Defeat Cancer"

Child:"Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh , About That Cure..."
by I-Have-No-Soul January 24, 2009
dumb yellow bracelet that it's become a trend for everyone to wear, supporting some foundation founded by some bicyclist with one nut.

makes a great cockring.
everyone has one's fucking insane.
by celebrity foreskin February 11, 2005
a little bracelet thats worth $1 that most people like to wear. i dont know why but their dumb whats so cool about having a little rubber bracelet?
by baykin December 22, 2004
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