Full of theives over tanned slags, boarded up houses and horrible knife carrying scousers that hate Manchester simply because its a city near it but in a totally different league.
Liverpool Toxteth enough said "DAZ BAZ GAZ grab your hub caps the buissies are comin"
by the special one February 24, 2006
A city full of obnoxious self important morons.
In 2 hrs at Lime Street station I was asked for money three times, cigarettes 3 times, and if I wanted to buy drugs - once. On a night out in Liverpool my girlfriend and I left by taxi because of the atmosphere, it was the same as you get just before a war. We went to Manchester - great place, great people, fabulous time.

Walking through liverpool after the Football teams triumphant return was like walking through an end of the world scenario. Shop windows were smashed, litter was ankle deep,cars had been overturned. You couldn't pay me enough to go back. Fence it off and nuke it.
by vintage62 June 09, 2006
The worst English team who do badly in the premiership and are sponsored by the worst drinks company ever. Their manager is Spanish and doesnt have a clue about football. They buy the worst players ever and also have the worst goalie (Jose Reina).
Tottenham 9-0 liverpool, Manchester united 99999999999-0 liverpool.
by jack_1994 September 30, 2006
Liverpool is the worlds most notorius slum. It was established as a major slum in 1971 when Karl Shanks Scallio who was crowned leader, was exiled there from the respectable city of Salford for robbing too many Pensioners. Since then the situation has deteriorated, poverty is at 98%, 9 out of 10 children don't know who their biological father is. Things came to head in early 1996 when the whole of the slum had to be fenced off to protect the elderly. As of 2005 things seem to be only getting worse, tanks and helicopters were recently sent in to help protect the OAPs who wanted to collect their pensions. Some plus points though, 10% of households now have running water, electricity and sewage, and there are now 249 telephones in operation.
Be wary of what lies at the western end of the east lancs road.
by Bigethovdaceth February 07, 2005
A city in North East England located 40 minutes from rivel city Manchester. A very dirty city with very rude people. A harbour front that smells of dead fish from the factories, and also a city were kids are not allowed in stores after 6PM.
Liverpool customer: "Do you sell toothpaste?"
clerk: "Well what do you think you fuc*ing bastard? bloody ell you stupid person"
Liverpool customer: "GO FUCK A MONKEY YOU FAT BITCH"
by Jessiegigglepuffs March 12, 2006
A city that likes to boast about how culturally important it is, despite the fact that the only things to come out of Liverpool are criminals and the god-damn fucking beat-les. It seems to be scouse law that whenever you go outside Liverpool, you must always tell everyone that looks at you that it is the funniest place on earth full of the nicest people. i suspect this is a ploy to get more unsuspecting visitors for mugging. In reality, Liverpool is an absolute shithole, a city that seems to be held together using only grafitti, vomit and stacks of torn rubbish bags with the occasional used nappy thats been ran over in the middle of the road. NOTHING funny EVER came out of Liverpool, except that laughable excuse for music. Sonya, Cilla Black, and yes, you cretins, the Beatles are NOT MUSIC.

And don't get me started on the accent. Scousers do not speak english. they actually speak some strange Klingon dialect from a place where everyone has chronic bronchitis. There are a few that sound like the Fat Controller from Thomas the tank engine, the kind of voice that just drones on and on and on and on until you slit your wrists. And what the fuck is the deal with the bloody Liver bird??? that ridiculous building in the middle of the Ghetto looks more like a bloody Green Chicken Mosque. i've never checked, but i bet every day at midday, they blast "You'll Never Work Again" out of the top of it and every scouser bends down and waves their arse at the rest of the country in rememberance of the fact that Liverpool truly is the sphincter of this planet, and any colonic irrigation should be sent their way as soon as possible. I fucking hate Liverpool and i hope that this little rant has somehow helped me to overcome the years of torture i had to go through constantly going there with my family. I hate it, i hate it, i fucking bloodywell shagging HATE IT!
"Sign on, Sign on,
with your giro in your hand,
and you'll never work again,
Yoooooou'll neeever work again"

A traditional Liverpool song
by Gopher_By_Fender September 04, 2005
High school In the General CNY aera that rivals with CNS and Bville, NO one can stop there soccer,track, swimming teams

Liverpool Fucks CnS up every year
Liverpool 3 years in row section 3 champs
by Greg March 05, 2005

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