Liverpool is a coastal city in the North West of England, it has a long history as a trade port within the British Empire flourishing in that time predominantly due to its part in the slave trade and has been in decline ever since. Liverpool was awarded the title "European Capital of Culture" in 2008 after gun, drug and gang were introduced in the scoring system and the city wiped the board.
Liverpool is known for its rough, ugly and self-pitying people who will band together and indulge in huge amounts of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth rather than just picking themselves up and getting on with it. The best example of this is the 96 supporters of Liverpool Football club who were crushed to death by their fellow fans 20 years ago who they people from Liverpool still can't shut about for some reason despite them being killed by their fellows.
All in all Liverpool is a horrible little city devoid of any charm and is best avoided.
Liverpool dole scrounger "Everybody picks on us, its sho unfaaaair!!!
Now Where's me grio la?"
by The_truth_teller_two March 26, 2009
A stinking shithole of a city populated by the lowest people on the planet. If you arrive at Lime Street Station take my advice and get on the first train out to anywhere else. This place makes downtown Baghdad look like Venice at the height of summer. As soon as you step out of Lime Street you are greeted by a decaying concrete monstrosity and the most chavs you will ever see in one place. True there are a couple of niceish buildings but would you travel to Kabul to see one pretty building?

Forget anything you have heard about scouse humour. If your idea of comedy is robbing grannies, begging in the street, sniffing glue, stabbing anyone for anything or shoplifting then you will have a ball. Otherwise stay away.

Another warning is avoid these scumbags when they travel abroad. I live in Amsterdam and due to those twats at easyjet these arseholes can now travel abroad quite cheaply. They are easy to spot as they come here with one pair os shell suit bottoms and one liverpool FC top. They generally hunt in packs ie they come in a bar bringing a liverpool flag, sing for an hour and fuck off. They are hated by all (especially the dutch)and should not be allowed passports. Build a wall round the place and do everybody a favour.
Try playing spot the scouser at Schiphol going back to Liverpool. My Dutch mates think it is hilarious that people should be allowed to dress like they do.
by heerhugowaard November 11, 2006
The most boring football team in the history of the sport.
The only team known to play with 1 keeper, 9 defenders and a striker.
Yet another defeat for Liverpool.
by fuq September 21, 2003
A scruffy little city with a chip on it's shoulder and a persecution complex. Liverpool is within close proximity to it's regional capital, Manchester.
Liverpool wallows in disproportionate grief
by Boris Johnson September 01, 2007
A football Club. It is supported by a bunch of 'glory boys' from the late '80's and other times when the club was actually any good. Few of the players are English, none of them have a brain and the manager is foreign. The supporters are trendies
Hes a trendy scallie liverpool supporter is Kev. What a glory boy.. shame they are rubbish now and he isn't from Liverpool
by Total Chav September 09, 2005
Gloomy, grey, depressing: basically a complete and utter hell hole. I'm not even a narrow-minded tosser who has never visited, I've lived here a while and it's dreadful. St. Johns is scally call that a bloody shopping mall? The locals screech and whine with their god-awful accents and I get a headache after listening to one of these creatures for more than 3 minutes. The place somehow won "Capital of Culture 2008" even though it's crap and the only culture I've seen is yob culture. The only vaguely nice area is the Cavern Quarter. I avoid going out at night because the sight of tangoed scally female clones with poker straight hair and skirts up to their waists and scally male clones with shaved heads and their neanderthal walk truly disturbs me.
I even saw an elderly man throw a crisp packet over his shoulder while sitting on a bench in Liverpool. He thinks it's crap too no doubt.
by starstarstar October 20, 2006
A complete hellhole. A town full of sordid, tango-tanned scrubbers and thick, ignorant, aggressive scallies. If you've ever seen the Burt Reynolds film 'Deliverance you'll have some idea what these people are like. These slackjawed, shaven-headed morons (otherwise known as 'friendly, witty scousers') are amongst the most violent and bigoted people on the planet. If you have the misfortune to live here ( and I do), for god's sake don't show any individuality, and try not to be from an ethnic background because they'll very probably kill you. Laughably this dump was awarded 'European City of Culture' for 2008, notwithstanding the fact that its so-called 'culture' consists of the 'Beatles' who left here in 1963 and never came back, and some of the worst clubs on earth playing the cretinous 'scouse-house'. Here are some tips for fitting in if you have the bad luck to end up here. These tips should ensure survival:

1. wear a tracksuit (women may wear pyjamas)
2. shave your head (women should be bottle blond)
3. develop a guttural whine (both sexes)
4. gob on the floor frequently (experts recommend at least every 10 steps) (both sexes)
5. try not to finish a sentence without using the F word at least fourteen times (again, both sexes)
6. steal anything that isn't nailed down
7. talk in an extremely loud voice (as you're so 'witty' everyone will want to hear your opinions)
8. glare at everyone in a threatening manner, especially students, 'goths' and anyone perceived to be'gay'
9. Call anyone not wearing a tracksuit 'gay' then beat them up
10. tell everyone how 'scousers are the friendliest people in the world aren't they though?'
The earth has to have an arse and Liverpool is it.
by the masked nanker August 28, 2006

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