A city full of the nicest people around! A very fine city!

A great nightlife and clubbing scene featuring CREAM!

In all, a wonderful city full of wonderful people.
Im going to Liverpool to meet some kool people!
by Essexguy June 19, 2005
Liverpool, as in English city.

With Liverpool, there's numerous attractions. Below is just what I can think of at the top of my head. Put it this way - Liverpool has a lot going for it.

Night life: Amazing. The Concert Square, Mathew Street and Victoria Street areas are major hot spots.
Shopping: Liverpool ONE, Cavern Walks, Metquarter, Bold Street
Sports: Liverpool Football Club, Everton Football Club, Aintree Racecourse
Music history: Two words - The Beatles!
Other history: Titanic
Restaurants: So, so many good restaurants all over Liverpool!
Architecture: Two cathedrals, St. George's Hall, Liver Building etc. etc.
Other stuff: Cool museums, art galleries and theatre shows to bout!
Michael: I think if you ever went to the UK, you'd have to visit both London and Liverpool!
by bryanadamslover August 04, 2010
In reposte to the previous definition, Liverpool are (officially) the most in-form football team in the English Premiership, 5 wins out of the last 6 games (that's even better than Chelski!)

Also, to respond to the mindless fools who post about 'what a shithole' Liverpool is, I'd like to see where they come from.

The city of Liverpool is currently experiencing investment on a massive scale which is precisely why it was nominated (and won) Capital of Culture for 2008 - the high streets are clean, the people are friendly, the museums are fantastic, there are more art galleries (8 in total) than anywhere in the UK (bar London.)

Agreed, there are some 'scallies' about but tell me a city with 500'000+ inhabitants where you would't find any?

FACT: The Liverpudlian accent is far more tolerable (and, according to neutral outsiders, more endearing) than any Mancunian inbred dribble.

In conclusion, don't stereotype just because of some sketch you saw on Harry Enfield... I don't have a moustache, mullet and say, "errrrrrr" every other sentence.
Previous Definer: "I'm a tool and have nothing to do in my life except flip burgers in Wimpy, I will therefore waste my free time by slagging off the city of Liverpool"

Rebuttal: "I suggest you research your incredulous, narrow-minded, stereotypical claims before making them, you TWAT"
by Angry Adam November 30, 2005
To hit the frame of the goal in a game of football
Johnny has Liverpooled all his shots today, it just wont go in for him
by Reightman September 15, 2012
There are many theories about the city but as a 16 year old living here is horrible.

Liverpool used to be great, it used to be the center of music. Now thats all gone there are only few people carrying the legacy of the city. The teens here seem to be animals they just waste their lives and attack anyone trying to get out of here.

And the way it's just all about football... it's quite pathetic if I'm honest.

Also there is nothing to do in this city at all well you know apart from standing on street corners or walking around town.

I'm just saying I hate it and can't wait to get out. ¬¬
by fedupwiththiscity January 16, 2011
a liverpool is a mass congragation of violently masterbating soccor hoolighans shouting loudly
{liverpool} " i got caught in a massive liverpool and left burised and sticky and deaf"
by flough dow August 28, 2010
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