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a schizophrenic youth who is often seen roaming the woods, and stealing food from unsuspecting picnicers.
"have you seen that girl they've been talking about?"

"little red riding hood?"


"that bitch stole my turkey"
by brandi2012isutterlyproverbial January 09, 2009
Upon finishing having sex with your partner you leave their place and proceed to kill and eat their grandmother. Afterwards you lay in waiting in grandmothers clothes for her to visit.
Dude, I got to do the Little Red Riding Hood to this chick last night.

Did she bring a picnic basket of food?
Of course not.
by The Three Horsemen January 15, 2011
When you bang/fingerblast a biddy while they're on their period

*Does not apply to eating the red snapper, that shit's nasty*
"I totally went Little Red Riding Hood last night after crushing a rack of Beer30 Light.
by Richard BeInYa April 30, 2014
V. - To wrap one's dick in the lips of a woman's cunt like a pink or red hood while riding her, and cum on her lips in such a way that it splatters.
The Big Bad Wolf: "Hey, little red riding hood, want some of my goodies?"
LRRH: "My cookies are not your cookies."
"Oh come, I want to hop on it."
LRRH: "Who let the fucking dogs out!"
Mr. Shaggy Dog (watching): "Wag that tail, woof woof!"
by G.M.H. December 03, 2009
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